Rule 5.- Hire Yourself

Now, most “motivational” places tell you, “Get motivated!” as if one had forgotten to press a switch, but that wasn’t cutting it for me, I just couldn’t find that switch.

I think anyone who has ever lost motivation can tell you, sometimes, the fire just isn’t there…


Rule 4.- Obsess over the details

Don’t be fooled by the apparent meaning of the word “almost”…there’s an infinite distance between “almost” and “done”.

The world is unfair

Being a positive, altruistic, caring person it’s OK. Just don’t expect anyone to give you extra points for it.


The Ultimate Martial Art

Most schools today, focus on the “beauty” of making a form “right” , so that, after years of hard work and severe training, you become a lethal weapon, able to execute your form with astounding accuracy, and able to defeat any…wooden board…


To die each day.

Martial arts, they do talk a lot about death, dying and being willing to accept death.

But, why would anyone want to accept something so…negative?


Rule 3.- Never expect a fair fight.

Because when something steps into the realm of a fight, then you do everything you can to make sure that your opponent will go down and won’t get back up, , because ultimately, “fair fight” is just an oxymoron…


Rule 2.- Modesty is just a form of lie.

The thing is, if you’ve worked hard in order to attain something, whether it is material, knowledge, a skill, a language, or any other thing, who has the right to tell you not to show it off?