Rule 1.- Invest in yourself.

Invest in yourself.

You can close the book now, this is the “prime rule”, the soul of the whole book if you will.

Everything that I will write in here will ultimately boil down to this prime rule, but, for the purposes of this being a book, blog, codex, etc. let us elaborate.

What is the difference between an athlete/Nobel laureate/movie star/etc. and a normal person?

Let’s answer this by telling you about a funny thing that I’ve come across over and over and over through the years.

I’ve always been a martial artist, I also enjoy running and doing OCRs, so naturally, I have what you could call a “fit” body. However, according to a lot of the persons who have been around when the topic comes into a conversation, I owe my fitness to one of the following things:

  1. Blessed Legendary Genes.
  2. I’m single and without kids, thus, don’t have responsibilities.
  3. I must have injected/consumed something.

What’s funny is that almost any person, who has invested themselves at something, will tell you how they’ve heard some form of any of these three explanations.

I could cut the entry short and tell you that it’s none of those, but just for the sake of trying to be clear in this first rule, let us quickly tackle these points.

Personally, I’ll tell you that I do not have magic genes, which is evident any single time I stop training for more than a week, I’ve definitely had my share of responsibilities and lastly, I can assure you I’ve never injected nor consumed anything.

However it’s easy to understand why people will readily give these excuses, even if they often don’t believe them themselves, it relieves them from the responsibility for their own selves.

The gods bestowed me an unfair life, which is why I’m not what I could be!

——————–Now…a rant!——————–

(Whenever you see this: “—Now a rant —-“, it means that i’m just going to write angry ramblings, not necesary to read it, but it’s a bit of a peek of how I perceive things, skip to rant over if you don’t want to read the angry rambles)
I’ll take this opportunity to speak of a peeve I have with “these days”…and this peeve, is with this fad people have with “political correctness”, a term that has been deformed and dragged through the mud to the point where it is no longer recognizable.
  • You can no longer tell someone to get off the couch and train, because “stop shaming!”
  • You can’t tell someone to pick up a book because “how rude! He is trying his best!”
  • You can’t tell someone to drop the bottle because “how do you know what is he dealing with?”
And maybe they are right, maybe one does not know…but there’s something I do know, I know I live in a world that has people without legs who can outrun me, people who live in the poorest of places who have developed new technologies, people who have lost it all and have rebuilt it from scratch…and then people who have it average but will tell you how bad they have it and why you shouldn’t tell them they could be better.
We’ve reached a point where we’d rather claim someone to be patronizing or elitist or any other word instead of calling things by name: laziness, gluttony, vice.

——————–Rant over——————–

If you are still reading, then you probably are like me, a person who knows that she/he is flawed, but wants to improve, and that’s what this point if all about.

I’m not saying that we should never take a day off and spend the Sunday binging on ice-cream and Netflix…I know I have.

Imagine this: imagine you hired a random person to live your life, for the sake of this quick exercise, let’s pretend you can see everything that person does and she/he did exactly what you’ve been doing with your life, would you keep them in the job?

My point with this is, we should stop seeing life in terms of Work/Fun, and realize it all comes down to  Life/Life, and when we realize this, we can make life itself our work, and then we can focus in making our work as best as we can, can you tell me that it isn’t worth it?

That’s it for this post; let me know what you think and what life rules you’ve found in your path! You can leave a comment below or send me a mail to and let me know your thoughts or what you’d like to see posted in the future! Thanks for reading and see you next post!next post!


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