Hello, welcome to THE BOSS CODEX, for the introduction, I think it’s good to explain a bit about what the THE BOSS CODEX is, and how it came to be.

I will try to keep this entry short, since the purpose of this blog is to focus on the rulebook, so I will just briefly explain what this is, and how it came to be.

The Rulebook is a compilation of rules (bet you didn’t see that coming). This rules I started gathering a couple of years ago in a pocket notebook; the idea was to have a series of rules I’d use to guide my life in an effort to become the best me.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a nice blog; I’m someone who calls things by name and doing that often ends up poking susceptibilities, if you are the type of person to give terms like “political correctness” the definition that is convenient for you according to how you are comfortable, then this isn’t a read for you. I firmly believe that courtesy and respect are not the same, the latter is earned and I most definitively don’t give it freely. So if you are cool with that and are the kind of person who takes responsibility for themselves, then welcome, proceed and I hope that you like what little I have to share.

To understand this, here’s a bit of background on me:

When I was a kid, for reasons that this blog has no need to cover, I found myself lacking a parent, and circumstances conspired to make sure that I really felt the “void” (if we can call it that).

As any kid, I too, needed a role model, namely, someone to look up to.

Do not laugh, but I found my role model inside three different characters: Bruce Lee, Batman and Sherlock Holmes. (Go ahead, laugh, I’ll wait…).

Now that you’ve finished laughing, let us continue.

I know 2 out of those 3 characters are fictional and one of them is surrounded by myths, but the fact is, back then, I really didn’t care, those were 3 guys I could look up to…Now if you know anything about those characters, you probably know they are quite “boss” right? Just in case you do not know anything about them, let me explain what I saw in them:

  • Bruce Lee: A world figure, chiseled himself into a person that, even to this day, is surrounded by myth just by the way he forged himself, became a world known martial artist, created his own martial art, wrote, acted, became a movie star and was even a philosopher. I guess the main teaching I got from him would be: “Adapt”
  • Batman: A “regular” man who goes through adversity and then forges himself into a polymath, detective, scientist, martial artist and whatnot. One thing seems to be his recurrent theme to the point that it’s even used as a joke nowadays, he was always prepared. So natutally, the main teaching I got from him was: “Be prepared”
  • Sherlock Holmes: I don’t think I ever saw with clarity what it was that I admired in Holmes, but he was the guy who always had an answer, he knew a bit about everything he needed to know, even if he was caught with something unforeseeable, he had (or went after) the knowledge needed to get out of the situation, so it is safe to say that his main teaching was something like “Invest in yourself”

Anyway, mixing the good traits I could see in these three characters, I created an early (and quite far fetched) concept of “who” I wanted to be, and given the circumstances I was in, it comes as no surprise to say that I often “crashed” into failure of some sort.

Patterns emerged and with time, I had some rules in my mind, rules that I sometimes followed and sometimes completely forgot about, so years later, when I was around 16, after crashing into another “failure” caused by not following my rules I decided to do something.

The idea was to write a “hard rules” book, meaning that I would write certain rules in a notebook and never, under any circumstance, break any rule that was written in there.

And so, “The rulebook” was born. (A name changed to “Codex” just for the sake of a better looking title)


…About the “Boss” part.

This part is a bit more of an inside joke name given to the online version (a.k.a. this blog) of the rulebook.

At some point in life, I picked the name tag “Big Boss” as an online nickname, this name was inspired by the MGS franchise character, a couple of friends shortened it to just “boss” and with time it became a habit.

Eventually, a friend found out about my book and jokingly called it “The Boss Book”, and now that I’ve decided to publish it in the form of a blog, I just thought that, given the actual connotation that the word “boss” has, it would make for a decent name.

As you can see, despite being a part time as*hole and a person made of compressed judgementalism I also have a geeky and a bit of ridiculous side, anyway that’s basically it, now, after this not-so-short introduction, let us begin.

That’s it for this post; let me know what you think and what life rules you’ve found in your path! You can leave a comment below or send me a mail to and let me know your thoughts or what you’d like to see posted in the future! Thanks for reading and see you next post!


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