Rule 7.- Forge your Will

This rule comes with a little habit I like to keep; I train everyday for at least 30 minutes, regardless of how busy I may be. Nowadays I usually train more and I even feel restless if I don’t train. But this rule is not just about the physical aspect, that physical aspect is there just to “make a point” for this rule. Allow me to explain:

I had the fortune to start working at a young age, which has blessed me with the chance of seeing 2 types of people, seemingly divided by being on a different generation.

See, women and men before, were people of action. If something needed to be done, you could be sure it was done right that second. People today are people of comfort, they fear trouble, they fear commitment, they fear work and they will go to many lengths to avoid it.

People before would get things done in the day, people nowadays seem to just want the day to be done. They constantly watch the clock, they long for the weekend and when Monday arrives, they long for the weekend again. Nowadays, chances are you’ve heard “We’ll do it tomorrow”, “it’s not urgent”, “we can skip it” or any other form of indulgency, it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many things seem to be so flimsy today, we cut corners everywhere.

The point of this rule’s exercise/habit, is that some days you will feel down, or tired, or stressed, sometimes you will have a bad day and all you will want is to finish with your day, but you MUST still put those 30 minutes in, you must still put some work in, even if you don’t want to, the point of the exercise is to forge self-discipline.

Then, when the time comes, when that one thing you don’t want to do arrives, you will do it when it’s needed, you won’t see things as a burden but as a task to be done.

This rule, ultimately, is about forging your will, mastering yourself. How else could we hope to control things around us if we cannot control our own selves?

That’s it for this post; let me know what you think and what life rules you’ve found in your path! You can leave a comment below or send me a mail to and let me know your thoughts or what you’d like to see posted in the future! Thanks for reading and see you next post!!


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