Rule 9.-Always do prep time


First of, I’d like to extend an apology to my readers, I recently switched jobs and this required me to move to a different city, between the hassle of moving ,getting up to speed at my new job, and fixing all the other details, i had little time to sit down and write, though I managed to answer most of your emails!

Now, for those of you more familiar with superheroes, you might have recognized the words “prep time”, usually attributed to Batman, if you read my very first post in this blog, I mentioned that the main lesson I learned from Batman was: “Be prepared”, and today, we dissect that rule and its why.

If you know anything about Batman, you know he is a “regular” man without powers who usually outclasses super powered beings by means of “being prepared” and always having some gadget or strategy to come out on top, now, while this may sound cartoonish, Prep time is a concept I’ve personally found really useful in real life.

Through history, we see many people who have accomplished a great deal through being prepared ahead of time, to mind, comes the time when Boyd, the designer of the combat jets F15/16 faced a meeting in which the officials intended to shut his project down, however, through careful preparation, he found out beforehand of the committee’s intentions and ensured that such meeting was merely informative, for he secured authorization with a higher rank months before the meeting.

During our everyday lives, we frequently get so carried by our routine that we forget to prepare for things, we seek our information on a “need to know” basis, and often, by this time, its usually because we are in a hurry or already trying to fix something that could have been completely avoided.

This rule, is tricky in nature and a hard habit to keep, since there are a lot of times in which our prep work doesn’t really get to shine and goes unnoticed, however, those times when it is needed, we are glad that we have it.

There is really no need to go crazy and say, prep for a zombie apocalypse if you are going on a road trip, but this rule is about considering possible and probable scenarios, and preparing for them.

My preferred technique for this, is to consider my worst scenario, I really let my mind wander and then i start discarding impossibilities, then improbabilities, then possibilities and then probabilities.

During the pre-prep process, its ok to get imaginative, you can think something like: “My worst scenario is I go for a job interview and then a dragon comes down from the sky and rips my jacket apart” (This is for illustration purposes only, dragons are usually really respectful of job interviews), from there, you can start removing impossibles and then shrink the list in the aforementioned order until you have your scenarios covered and the appropriate preparation and/or planning for them.

Needless to say, you must discern what is important enough or probable enough to deserve prep and what is not critical enough so that you are good just being aware of that possibility.

To finish this post, i’ll leave a small anecdote that happened here at my new job:

There was a recruitment event going on at a business I was consulting, the recruiters were all suited up and then, performing the duties of an assistant, was a man in plain civilian clothes, he would give the applicants and recruiters the documents, coffee, etc. As it often happens in recruitment for high positions, applicants were raising their nose at the assistant, showing how in command they were, some were even rude to him and ordered him around.

Later that day, a man steps in for his interview and immediately shakes hands with the man, he recognized the man from the company’s website, where he appeared as the CEO, who later told us he “disguised” himself precisely so he could personally see how the applicant behaved with their would-be subordinates and also if they had done any research on the company at all. Out of the hundreds of applicants, that one man was the only one who thought about doing something as simple as checking the website of the company he was applying to. Needless to say, this man got hired.

That’s it for this post; let me know what you think and what life rules you’ve found in your path! You can leave a comment below or send me a mail to and let me know your thoughts or what you’d like to see posted in the future! Thanks for reading and see you next post!!


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